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Netherlands – Eindhoven

October 21st, 2022

It is time to visit Eindhoven and stay with another high school friend, Mehdi, and his wife, Farimah. I directly drove from the Hague to Eindhoven and parked the car in front of their apartment. It was very close to the city center. I just headed out and went exploring the downtown on foot. The old town is not big, but it is still beautiful. When Mehdi finished working, he called me and I headed back to their house. After a quick hi and catch-up, we headed out on bikes to explore Eindhoven and see some more places. Mehdi showed me the interesting sights around Eindhoven that was easier to access by bike.

After a quick sightseeing and seeing parts of Eindhoven, we headed back home for a hearty dinner. Farimah, had prepared very tasty dishes. There were so many options I did not know where to start. Also, I didn’t want to over eat, but the aroma and the hospitality got the better of me. Anyways, it was a party and I could make an exception once.

We spent an amazing evening together just sharing stories and reviewing our memories. Talking about other friends and what they are up to. They asked me about my travel plans and it is always interesting to see the reaction of people when I tell them that I have no plans and don’t know where I am going to end up next.

The morning chore for us was to visit the Saturday market to get some Dutch products as suvenirs for my next stops.

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