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Farmstay – Marigné-Laillé – Vol. 1

November 3rd – 4th, 2022

David lives on a beautiful farm in the countryside, right outside the village of Marigné-Laillé, some 30km south of the city of Le Mans.

David had already prepared some amazing food, some creamy pumpkin and veggies soup and some quiche. It was simply delicious. I don’t like soups in general, but I enjoy a creamy soup with high consistency. We snacked, had some beer and wine, talked, laughed, and shared stories. David’s house is enormous with many rooms and a lot of space. I got a massive bedroom with 3 beds all to myself. I loved the peach and tranquility there and slept really well.

The next day was still a working day. Fortunately, neither of us had a busy day and we barely had meetings. So we could finish a bit early and drive to Le Mans, David’s hometown. He had reserved a very nice restaurant, Auberge des 7 Plats. After a walk in the city, we entered the restaurant. When we entered, the restaurant looked tiny. Two people entered before us and asked for a table. But they were fully booked for the whole night so they had to turn away. We had a reservation, so a table was available for us. To my surprise, the restaurant had 4 floors. We were seated on the last floor. The menu was not big, they only had 4-5 options for the main course. The item that I was interested in was the beef steak. It was really delicious. And of course, I had to try some French desserts. David recommended taking profiterole, a pastry filled with cream. I devoured the whole thing and enjoyed every bite of it.

We had a quick walk around the town, visited a bar, and drove back home. The night was young and the weekend was coming. So we started having more drinks at home and played board games. You see in this picture that I am laughing hard. It was because I won a game and David thought he did win. But he misinterpreted one of the pieces and that screwed up his plan to defeat me.

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