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My Story

My passion for traveling and exploring the world has always been a part of me. But I have never had the chance to pursue it. I studied hard, worked hard, loved hard, and never had the time to enjoy my achievements and seek the happiness in freedom I have always dreamed of.

I worked in corporate jobs and very quickly climbed the ladder to be the best at what I did. I continued my rise and from time to time I took vacations, explored different hobbies, and enjoyed the freedom of being in nature. I bought a camper van and named her Christina Camperlust to give me the freedom to go where I want to go and stay where I want to stay.

I worked in various positions in the IT sector as an Engineer or a Scientist for well over a decade. Finally, all the pieces fit together and I decided to call it quits and start my nomadic life and continue to do so for as long as I can or feel.

Here, I document my journey, my dream, and my choices.

Journey Unplanned

Why Journey Unplanned?

This is the journey where I don’t plan ahead too much. I only have wishes about where to go and I only decide on one destination at a time without knowing where exactly I am going to go next.

I will try to travel with my campervan “Christina Camperlust” as much as possible. She provides me with the freedom of choosing my path as I go on with my journey. I can decide on the go which turn to take and where to stop.

But Christina Camperlust is not the only way to explore the wide world. When there is no more land connection or it is too difficult to cross, I don’t have to take her with me. She can stay back and rest a little bit. The beauty of it is that nothing is planned. One day I might just get a flight and see another corner of the world, another day I might take a train. What happens, happens!

Who Am I?

I worked as a software engineer, software architect, and data scientist for well over a decade. I left everything behind in Helsinki, sold whatever I could, downsized, rented out my apartment, and started to fulfill my lifelong dream of being a nomad and traveling around the world.

I was born in Zanjan, Iran. I belong to a “minority” (~18 million) group of Azerbaijani speakers. I spent my teenage years in Iran and decided to continue my education abroad. Out of all places I landed in Helsinki, Finland in 2009 and called it home. Nowadays, everyone tells me I am a real Finn even though I don’t look like one. I walk, talk, and behave like a Finn. I consider Finland as my homeland, defend it, and am proud to be Finnish.

My Activities


I love running. I try to run at least 3 times a week for at least 5km each time. I have completed 3 marathons and 20+ half marathons. My goal is to run an ultra-marathon one day.


Hiking is truly my passion. I love spending time in nature and completely disconnecting from the whole outside world. I enjoy feeling one with my surroundings and capturing the serenity of the beautiful vistas you don’t get to experience in the modern world. I feel alive and accomplished when I push my limits just to see a beautiful view. Or just to sit, prepare a cup of coffee, sip on the hot coffee and stare into the eyes of the wilderness.


Getting around on a bike provides the opportunity to see more in less time. The feeling of going downhill after climbing up a steep hill is something that cannot be replaced easily with other feelings. I get to explore the wilderness or just go sightseeing in a city on my bike. It is truly an irreplaceable experience.